We do not inherit the EARTH from our parents,
We borrow it from our children

- Antoine De Saint-Exupery


Things you can do to recycle and make less of a mess

  • Trim that waste

Every aluminum can recycled will allow you to keep your television sets or computers on for an extra three hours.

  • Dont a leave a paper trail

Try and pay all your bill online. You will not only avoid the red tape, but also use less paper. Advantage internet!

  • Give the printer a break

If you want to ensure longevity of your printer,make sure you use less printouts. Aim for a paper-free existence. make sure that your printer uses 100% post-consumer recycled paper and save 2kg of CO2

  • Use... and use again

Make sure to make optimum use of all blank paper that you get. Each paper that goes waste i a tree that died without a cause

  • Bag that paper

Discover your creative streak and make bags out of paper this way you can get a new bag every weak

  • Your friendly neighborhood raddiwalla

Make him your fortnightly stop and visit him without fail. He loves your paper

  • The Gift of Green

In a fix over the perfect gift? just buy recycled presents. Your friends will appreciate the gift and the planet will appreciate the gesture!

  • Packaged Pains

Avoid products with lot of packaging . You can save 545kg of CO2 if you cut down your garbage by 10% and keep the earth that much cooler.

  • Monitor your computer

Computers too have toxic waste. Next time you buy a new one, sell the old one,donate it to charity,or return it to the company for recycling.

  • We value your waste

You can save 1000kg of CO2 per year by recycling just half of your house hold waste so make recycling away of life.

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